I was always very active as a child and would always be playing outdoors, climbing trees and running around fields! I excelled at a young age at athletics, particularly cross country and the 800 meters, I would often hear my coach say "slow down, pace yourself" within the first few moments, which was all the motivation I needed to keep running faster! As I grew older exercise became more of a social activity and way to meet new people, but that all changed after I attended my first Pole Fitness Class! Joining my friends at a class that I though was going to be a bit of a giggle swinging around a pole and making fools of ourselves soon changed how I saw fitness and what it meant to me to "be fit." I was naturally quite strong which I put down to wrestling with my older brother from a young age and always trying to keep up with the boys! But Pole Fitness was another ball game altogether and I soon began to appreciate the strength and agility involve in making a physically demanding exercise or move look seamless and effortless, and of course learning to be dainty and point my toes was also a challenge. I did many forms of dance and sport in an effort to broaden my horizons and meet new people but none had quite the effect as Pole Fitness did as I was later to find out. I travelled around the world trekking and exploring local cultures and traditions. I did a winter season in Austria learning to ski and snowboard as well as a summer season in Westwood Ho! Teaching children various outdoor activities including; surfing, climbing, fencing, archery, and orienteering. The children also learned leadership, team building and communication skills. This gave me a great understanding of how to relate to a wide variety of people and coach others in new exercises or over coming their fears and barriers. Shortly after, I moved to the West Coast of Ireland and made Galway my home for the next 3 years throughout this time I had kept up with my own Pole Fitness training and was hoping to continue this in Ireland. After discovering that it was relatively new with only a couple of classes available in Dublin, I approached colleagues at the Radison Blu Hotel and Spa and started my own classes in 2008 after completing my teacher training back in Exeter. Increasing my participation in Aerial Fitness soon highlighted to me how important stretching was, not only to increase the visual impact of these gravity defying moves, but in muscle recovery and everyday mobility. It is especially important as we age and keeping good joint health can improve our well being and something we should all be aware of no matter how young or old.

I am a big advocate of flexibility having worked so hard to improve my own and still continue to stretch regularly to maintain my range of motion I now offer a flexibility class which so many of my clients are feeling the positive effects from. Everyone can benefit from regular stretching, my clients with strong physically demanding jobs have notice there freedom of movement increase as well as older clients being able to improve their flexibility and general mobility, with a decrease in lower back and joint pain as well as muscle soreness. I qualified as an Advanced Pole Fitness instructor and decided to start classes back in my home town, as well as managing a ladies gym I also added to my repertoire and qualified as an Aerial Yoga instructor. My love and passion for helping others grew, I decided to enrol on a Level 4 Personal Training course to further my knowledge and abilities to help a wider variety of people with different needs and goals. ActiFit was born! I wanted to put my new knowledge to the test and decided to take part in my first body building competition in 2016. Along with a strict training program, nutrition advice and support from my coach I achieved a lean, strong and sculpted package to bring to the stage in Milton Keynes at UK Ultimate Physiques. I have also taken part in half marathons, trail races and tough mudders! With all this first hand experience in a wide variety of sport and exercise disciplines I feel I am able to better coach and guide my clients through their journeys. I support my clients through dedicated workouts and bespoke nutrition plans to suit their individual lifestyle, needs and goals. They have benefited from weight loss, increased strength and mobility, improved sport performance as well as an increase in energy and a positive attitude to their health and well being. Through small healthy lifestyle changes, support and motivation my clients are living happier, healthy lives and are achieving their sporting goals! It's not a fad or quick fix this is healthy living for life! I have a deep passion for health, fitness and well being that I hope to pass onto others and inspire healthy changes in their lifestyle through support, motivation and the right advice!


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"Vicki makes exercise fun and achievable, whatever your fitness level. I love the variety of disciplines and methods used to suit every individual"





"Vicki has totally changed my life in so many positive ways"



"I would definitely recommend Vicki to everyone"

"Thank you so much Vicki for preparing and getting my daughter through the Navy fitness tests. She couldn’t have done it without you"

" Vicki's energy and enthusiasm makes working out so much fun. I would recommend her to anyone for all aspects of fitness and nutrition!




"Vicki is an amazing coach with great experience, endless enthusiasm and an inspiration to be around. Can’t praise enough"



"Awesome fun, hard work but awesome fun"

"I really enjoy Vicki’s sessions. She is supportive and fair, kind yet tough! Always helpful and keen to help everyone develop"