Are you 'Fit' ?

February 5, 2016

 What is fitness? The definition of physical fitness is often quoted as ‘the ability of the body to meet demands imposed by the environment and everyday life.’ If you look ‘Fit’ up in the dictionary the adjective can mean: In good health or athletic condition. We exercise because we want to ‘get fitter’ or improve our health, maybe you want to improve your athletic condition to take part in sports and competitions.

But considering the range of demands that may be made on us.. Does ‘getting fit’ in a gym prepare us for all the demands of everyday life? For example if you only lifted weights you may struggle when running for the bus. We expect the gym to make us fitter, but too much training can actually make us less fit. If fitness becomes an obsession and individuals over-train, they often look unhealthy and in many cases have no energy left for anything else, including work or running around after the family.

Most of us go to the gym or fitness classes to enjoy the benefits of exercise that help us in everyday life, climbing the stairs is easer, we have more energy for the day and its demands.

So I would say that ‘Fitness’ or being ‘Fit’ is an individual’s total dynamic physiological and psychological state comprising a number of health-related fitness components:

Body Composition, Nutrition, Rest and Relaxation, Endurance (Muscular and Aerobic), Strength, Speed, Flexibility, Mental Well-Being.

In my opinion is it’s important to balance all of these components in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle and I often have to remind a few of my clients that rest is as important as the correct training or exercise program. Fuelling your activities is equally important, which is why I like to cook with fresh food as much as possible and stay away from processed foods. If you put kindling on a fire it will burn fast and quickly leaving only ash, but put coal or logs on the fire and it will burn slowly keeping you warmer for longer..

If you can balance these components in your busy lives I promise you will reap the benefits.  Later in the year I will be offering Personal Training sessions and tailored nutrition plans to help you on your way to a better physiological and psychological you!

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